• Where you are now

    - stuck in a rut but lack the motivation to do something different

    - unclear about what to do next and tired of procrastinating

    - feel unfulfilled in your career, relationships or life in general

    - see a life limited in choices and opportunities to change

    - little or no progress and being overshadowed by old patterns and habits

    - need support to achieve your goals

  • Where you want to be

    - change or enhance an area of you life

    - have clarity, find focus and overcome procrastination

    - feel more energised and engaged

    - living intentionally and aligned to your values

    - know where you want to be and have a plan to achieve it

    - experience fulfilment and moving forward

    - closing the gap between what you want and what you have

    - remove the limits in your life

    - become who you want to be, fulfil your potential

  • How I can help you

    - build on what is good in your life now

    - help you rediscover your strengths and talents

    - support you to move forward

    - support you to build habits through daily positive actions

    - move away from dwelling on the past or problems

    - look to your future, your options and solutions

    - help you to focus on positive emotions, thoughts and behaviours

    - assist you to set goals and achieve them

    - facilitate lasting lifestyle change


"Kamalini has a great ability to get to the core of an issue quickly - and then to gently help you to consider your options and next steps.  She works very consistently, so you feel supported, and don't notice how much progress you make in a short time, because each step is ok.

Kamalini brings all the logic and structural thinking from her executive finance career to her coaching work - which is invaluable - but more than this I found her a dedicated, insightful and very compassionate coach."

Anna, Community Development Worker