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    Kamalini is a professionally trained life coach who loves getting things done and helping others to create a happy and fulfilling life. Having found the skills and tools she learned had a significant positive impact on her personal and professional life, Kamalini works with individuals looking to achieve their goals and create the life they want.

    As a senior finance executive, Kamalini works with organisations going through change and supports and coaches teams to achieve positive outcomes for both the individual and the organisation.

    With a passion for personal development, Kamalini has used the tools and practices she has learned to intentionally create a life aligned to her values and dreams, and looks forward to working with you to intentionally create a life you love.

  • Qualifications

    - Coaching Accreditation endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management (UK)

    - Advanced Certificate in Teaching and Guiding Meditation and Mindfulness (Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness)

  • For quite a long time I was wondering what to do with my life in terms of personal development and career. Since I met Kamalini my life became much more fulfilled.

    After the first session, I felt that life is so simple when you have clear direction and courage to take a step forward. With her friendly and warm approach my life has been changing in a positive way. She helped me to clearly identify my values and use them in everyday life.

    Our discussions are forever in my memory and her sensitivity
    guides me through everyday life. Therefore I highly recommend Kamalini as a life coach for people who are looking for a new direction in their life. I am pleased to be one of them.

    Mirka, Massage therapist

  • I had life coaching with Kamalini which I found a productive,
    thought provoking and helpful experience which assisted me in making real progress in my life.

    It was so useful to have an external person help to put priorities in order of importance, having to formalise and explain tasks to someone else aided decision making and reporting back on progress for the next session greatly assisted in getting tasks done.  It helped me able to time manage better, by confronting a task immediately rather than putting it off. One of my main issues was to sort out my work situation and financial predicament; I persevered with looking for work and getting things in order and have succeeded in furthering my career and paying off debts.

    I found Kamalini to be an excellent, empathetic listener; a clear thinker and thoroughly decent person and I would recommend her coaching to my friends or anyone who felt they needed it.

    Sue, Artist

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